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reasons why florida grapefruit is that much better . . .
thinner skin more room for the good stuff sweeter taste but still has the tang you love more juice that's the best part

Unlike it's Californian counterpart, Florida grapefruit does not need to develop a thick skin to protect itself from cold nights. Florida's noticeably thinner skin makes it more fragile and likely to bear scars from where the fruit rubs against the tree branches.

Remember your plant biology?   Photosynthesis is the process by which a tree uses water (H2O) and sunlight to produce sugars (carbohydrates) that feed its fruit and growth.   Florida grapefruit are sweeter because they get more water and sun than any other citrus producing region of the world.

Abundance of rain and humidity in Florida gives Florida Grapefruit plenty of opportunity to absorb water and become juicier. To put it simply, the tree has plenty of water to drink, so it can share with the fruit!


We select the best tasting fruit by measuring one fruit at a time. Not all crops qualify for the Sweeter Sorts program and within these best crops, only a percentage of the fruit ends up in our bags.



Brix is the scientific measure used to calculate the sugar contents of fruits and vegetables. The amount of sugar in a fruit increases as it ripens, and most fruit are done growing in size by the time they start to ripen.  This means that the ratio of sugar to liquid in the fruit increases as it ripens.  The degrees Brix (°Bx) measures the total amount of sugar in a standard amount of water.



Acid is what gives grapefruit its tangy taste.  In grapefruit, the predominate acid is natural citric acid, although there are also low amounts of malic acid and tartaric acid present.  In the Sweeter Sorts selection process, the percent of citric acid present in the juice is evaluated and must fall below a maximum threshold for tastiness.



The juicer the better when it comes to grapefruit! With over 95% of a grapefruit's weight consists of juice or water weight,  the single best indicator of juice content in a grapefruit is its weight -- Every Sweeter Sorts grapefruit is weighed and meets minimum standards for weight (aka juiciness).

old, ugly and sweet

Older trees produce sweeter fruit because they produce more carbohydrates (sugars) and have less leaves -- so all that sugar can go straight to the fruit.  On the same token, with less leaves to buffer rubbing of the fruit against the larger branches, these older trees tend to scar the exterior of the fruit. Put 2 and 2 together, sweeter grapefruit tend to have more scars on their skin.


Scars tell a story, and on grapefruit, it's a sweet one!
are the happiest months of the year

Florida citrus season is in the winter months starting in October and lasting until May. During the summer months, Florida grapefruit is not available. Make sure you get your Sweeter Sorts grapefruit fix while you can. Sure there's more than Florida grapefruit out there but remember, good things come to those who wait.

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