prepare it any way you like it
peel it it's the best way to get the most amount of fibers

Peel the skin and eat it like an orange. It’s the best way to get the most amount of nutritional value. Yep, that white pith (between the pulpy fruit and the yellow skin) is packed with fiber as well as valuable bioflavonoids and other anti-cancer agents. For easy peeling, use a knife to score the peel (and just the peel, don't cut too deep!) into quarters like a basketball before peeling with your fingers.

spoon it a breakfast tradition, good any time of the day

Slice the grapefruit in half (see slice it). Using a sharp serrated knife, or grapefruit spoon, cut around each section where the pulp meets the pith. Grab a spoon and dive in!  If your grapefruit half is too wobbly for your liking, take a small slice off each end of the grapefruit so that it sits flat.

section it & add it to your favorite recipes

Slice off the top and bottom of the fruit with a knife, aiming to cut through the peel and pith, just barely exposing the pulp. Next, cut off the outer peel in the same way until you have yourself a naked grapefruit. Now, insert your knife blade between the flesh of one section and its outer membrane, and gently cut to the core of the fruit. Once the blade hits the center of the fruit, rotate the blade towards the other side of the section and let the cut section fall into a bowl below.  It’s messy (because its juicy), but its quick and yummy.


slice it makes it so easy to snack on

Slice it up, and grapefruit becomes the perfect quick snack for when you are on the go or just craving a sweet and juicy snack. Kids love them prepared this way too. Cut your grapefruit in half by turning it on its side so the end with the small stem circle is on the left or right before you do so, and then quarter each half into wedges.

juice it freshly squeezed has more nutrients & less sugar than store bought

Nothing beats freshly squeezed.  Just cut in half (see slice it) and press using your manual or electric juicer. Florida grapefruit are full of juice, yielding up to an 8 oz cup per one grapefruit.  It's not only tasty; it's better for you than store-bought which has higher sugar content and less fiber.

grapefruit is so good, even the spoons have teeth
or store it for later
in a bowl and let it double as a centerpiece

If you plan to use your Sweeter Sorts grapefruit right away, or within a couple days of purchase, then you can store them at room temperature. When stored at room temperature, grapefruit lasts about a week.

in the fridge to make it last longer

The better option when you plan to use the fruit at a future date. Keep them in the crisper drawer for the best results. Grapefruit typically lasts 3 - 4 weeks when stored in the fridge.

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