5 Habits To Adopt Today for a Better Tomorrow

Sometimes, life is hard. We get so busy with all of our responsibilities- going to work, feeding the dog, folding laundry, washing the dishes, making that last minute dinner with a friend- that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. It’s important to create healthy habits of self care; after all, if you’re not feeling your best, how will your list of things-to-do get done? Much more than any list, healthy habits should reign in priority over all other things. Everything we do stems from our body, and if we are eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and time managing effectively, we can conquer anything life has to throw at us. Here are 5 habits you should adopt everyday to make a better tomorrow for yourself.

1. Drink more water

Do you get enough water to drink? Most people don’t. A simple daily habit of upping your water intake is enough to promote a healthy weight, help you feel more energetic, give you better skin, and flush out toxins from your body. If you’re not a fan of sipping water straight, add sliced fruit or herbs like mint to give it natural flavor. Don’t forget that eating foods with a high water content (like citrus fruit and watermelon) can help you reach your daily goals too!

2. Sleep

Today’s fast-paced society glorifies the busy bee, but taking time off for sleep is crucial to living your best life. When you get enough sleep, your memory improves, stress fades away, creativity blossoms, and your overall mood brightens. Plus, some scientists believe adequate rest can literally add years to your life.

Having a hard time falling asleep?

3. Create Routines

Just like Pavlov’s cat, we respond to conditioning. By creating nightly rituals (washing your face, pouring a glass of water, reading a book, putting on a sleep mask, etc.) you can signal to your body “Hey! It’s time to start shutting down. It’s almost time to sleep.” Try to set aside screens during your ritual, since the cool, blue-toned light emitted by our phones, tablets, and TVs mimics morning light and will tell your brain it’s not time to sleep yet. Warm, yellow toned lights (like most conventional light bulbs) are closer to the light at dusk, and are a better choice before bed.

Routines aren’t just for bedtime either! By creating morning habits you can look forward to (a cup of coffee, your favorite news program, a delicious breakfast) can help make getting out of bed easier. Getting up at the same time every day (even if you don’t have to get up) lets your body adjust and anticipate, helping you jump out of bed and feel more awake.

4. Set Aside Time To Clear Your Head

Fight burn out by giving yourself designated time to rest. More than just sleep, our brains need time to process all of the information, new memories, and thoughts it receives each day. By finding time to recharge, you allow all of these inputs to be sorted and filed away, leaving your mental bandwidth free to tackle new challenges. Try taking a bath or a long walk, painting, or even an episode or two of your favorite feel-good show, anything that leaves your brain free to wander.

5. Find Healthy Foods You Love

It’s okay to not eat kale. No really, it is. It’s also okay to love kale. At the end of the day, the secret to eating healthy is finding good food you enjoy eating. If you absolutely despise salads, you probably won’t be able to stick to a diet based mostly on salads. By finding healthy meals that you’ll actually crave, eating healthy won’t feel like a chore.

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Creating good Habits for Eating Healthy: assorted citrus fruit sliced and served on a plate.

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