What to expect

Shipping & Handling Fees
Shipping is a flat fee of $8.99 and we currently ship all over the continental United States. Temperature-controlled trucks are used for fruit shipments to most areas to help ensure the fruit arrives at its best! All shipping dates are approximate.
What is your return policy?
If for any reason your citrus doesn't arrive fresh or up to your expectations, email us at info@sweetersorts.com and one of our customer care representatives will work with you to make it right.
Why does it take a while for the citrus to ship?
Harvesting citrus is an art. You have to have good weather conditions and the fruit has to be perfectly ripe. Our growers are citrus aficionados and are constantly out in the groves caring for and evaluating their crops. We send our citrus out fresh going straight from the grower to you.
Why are some products out of stock?
There are a few reasons why a product wouldn't be available. The most common reason is that it isn't in season or it's too early in the season that it doesn't meet our taste standards. Sign up for our email list on the home page to get notified when a product is live.
Do you use any wax on your citrus?
Yes, the wax we use is totally organic coming from the Carnauba palm (no chemical wax around here). You may on occasion you my see some traces of wax which looks like flakes on the skin due to some temperature fluctuation during shipment.