Meet the farmer

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So fresh, you can smell the orange blossoms

The smell of orange blossoms, the sights of a sunrise over the grove and the communion of nature that happens daily on the farm makes farming SweeterSorts citrus our way of life. But it's the love of the land and the joy of delighting families with pure and healthy citrus that fuels our passion.

We are humbled to farm the fruits that our land and water provide us, and be part of a sustainable future. We think everyone should have the chance to experience that farm to table magic no matter where they live. We are grateful to you for your support in our initiatives of sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture and are honored to bring you these gifts from our groves.

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Sustainable agriculture

We are focused on more than the present. The sustainability of our groves and farms is of utmost importance. We focus on promoting the health of our groves through environmentally friendly practices that encourage rich soils, quality root systems and healthy canopies that support the fruit of the tree. Most importantly, we are stewards of the land and aim to give back to the earth that we farm.

From Farm to Table

Hand picked gifts are the best! From farm to table is our philosophy: that’s what makes a SweeterSort bundle of citrus so special. It comes straight from our groves, and is hand picked to make your special bundle the sweetest gift.

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Direct from Brian's groves

With his windows rolled down and a smile on his face, Brian starts most of his days driving through his groves in Indian River County, Florida. He knows each row of trees like the palm of his hand: the planting age of each tree, the particular soil nutrients of each block and the rainfalls of each region. Brian has played a large role in our Farm to Table philosophy. For over 3 decades, Brian has farmed Florida citrus and has come to understand the delicate balance of love and care that it takes to harvest the sweetest and juiciest Florida grapefruit, oranges and tangerines. The sandy soils and 365 days of sunshine help make both Brian and his Florida groves the sweetest around.

Thank you for supporting farmers and a sustainable future

Count on us for the sweetest, juiciest citrus to delight you and your loved ones.