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Fruit Kabob

This Fruit Kabob is a simple classic. What’s better than some of your favorites fruits on a stick? Nothing we can think of, that’s for sure! What snack is healthier than this snack? None, and that’s the truth. When you eat a fruit whole, you’re getting all the fiber it has to offer. That means you’re already one step closer to getting your body on track to fighting obesity, lower blood cholesterol levels, and so much more. This Fruit Kabob recipe is a win-win, let’s be honest. Not only do you get to play with your food by poking it with a stick, but you get a tasty treat that’s sure to keep your body healthy and full of good vibes. High five, partner.


SweeterSorts Grapefruit
Bamboo skewers


1.Cut the fruit into bite size sections

2. Section the grapefruit

3. Slide the fruit on the skewer however you would like

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