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Grapefruit, Tangerine and Mint Infused Water

This exotic looking drink is perfect for those who want a little pizazz to their everyday water routine. Water can get boring, but soda and sugary drinks are never the answer, and we’re glad you understand that (that’s why you’re here!).
It’s important to create good habits we can create routines with on a daily basis. Fighting that midday slump is as simple as drinking a glass of cold water. With grapefruit, tangerine and mint, this drink is not only pretty to look at, but a great way to boost that metabolism too. All in all, water is good, but citrus infused water is great.


1 SweeterSorts grapefruit, sliced and seeds removed
2 SweeterSorts tangerines, sliced and seeds removed
1 bunch of fresh mint leaves
1/2 – 1 gallon of water
Ice (optional)


1.Wash the grapefruit, tangerine and mint leaves. Slice the fruit and add to the pitcher with water, mint leaves and ice.

2.Refrigerate citrus infused water for about 30 minutes to an hour before serving.

3.Stir and enjoy!

(Lasts for 24 hours in the fridge)

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