Florida Red Grapefruit

Sun-kissed by a tropical climate and nourished from sandy soils, only Florida can make a grapefruit that is so juicy, so tasty and so healthy. Sweet with a splash of tang, affectionados love its sophisticated yet simple taste; amateurs are surprised by its fun and sweet flavor. Grown with the utmost respect of our land and hand picked by our farmers, these grapefruit bring a smile and love to the doorstep.


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October to May

the sweetest months of the year


that’s where I’m from

Unique flavor

the perfect blend of sweet & tangy

100% Vitamin C

daily serving in half a fruit

Featured recipes

Mojito grapefruit


Avocado & Grapefruit Salsa


Prep like a pro


Section it

Slice off the top and bottom of the fruit with a knife, aiming to cut through the peel and pith, just barely exposing the pulp. Next, cut off the outer peel in the same way until you have yourself a naked fruit. Now, insert your knife blade between the flesh of one section and its outer membrane, and gently cut to the core of the fruit. Once the blade hits the center of the fruit, rotate the blade towards the other side of the section and let the cut section fall into a bowl below. It’s messy (because its juicy), but its quick and yummy.

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