Florida Tangerines


It's no surprise why Honey Tangerines are the most widely grown tangerine. They are sweet, juicy, and just all around yummy. This proud Florida native tangerine got its name from Charles Murcott Smith who is thought to have developed this tangerine in the early 1920's through natural pollination of a Sweet Orange and a tangerine (big thanks to those hard working bees). It got its name Honey Tangerine from, you guessed it, its sweet taste, in fact it's the sweetest variety of tangerine. So honey, you can’t go wrong with these.

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January to May

the freshest months of the year


that’s where I’m from

Florida’s heirloom variety

made naturally sweet

50 Calories

makes snacking good for you

Featured recipes

Asian Salad & Dressing

Tangerine & Banana Yogurt Parfait

Prep like a pro


unroll it

A new way to eat a tangerine! Not very conventional but pretty practical, unrolling your tangerine takes a few short steps. First, cut off the top and bottom of the tangerine. Make sure you don’t cut too far in, so that you just barely cut into the flesh. Cut one slit into the skin (again, don’t cut into the juicy flesh!) and gently roll the tangerine out into a strip. Simple as that!

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